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Entry #23

more dubstep

2011-01-15 15:35:47 by GranPian

so ok, i know how to make a filthy bass with Massive. I put a cool dubstep song up, so check it out. Oh and by the way, it's only a demo, so don't go ballistic over it.


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2011-01-18 11:37:44

May I ask you how you got massive? because I can't find a decent download and I would find it a shame to spend the lot of money on it.
Thanks in advantage! :D

GranPian responds:

Well, since you don't have money, I advise you to get money and pay for it. But if that don't work then try Piratebay downloads. They are usually ranked the best. If you know what I mean.


2011-01-27 11:10:14

Haha, thanks :D
I guess I'll have to buy it then :P


2011-06-18 00:14:29

dude, I just realized that "~GP~ Godly Light" is no longer
on Newgrounds! What is this madness!!!!!! It just so
happens to be my first favorite song from
Newgrounds!!! I am very upset that
you took it off, but I guess there
may be one or more reasons
that I do not know of that
are legitimate, but I am
still disappointed. :(
Xd (?)